Oy Vey of the week, Duval brings secret shoppers to our schools.

I have been a secret shopper accomplice before. I got a free meal out of it as I helped a pal observe our wait and bar staff. I have known secret shoppers too who visited a whole host of businesses, well friends we’re now bringing secret shoppers to our schools.

I can imagine how it happened too, Duval’s lord of schools Gary Chartrand quite out of the blue, probably after reading an article about them announces, you know what Duval needs. secret shopper to which the superintendent replied how high shall I jump, great idea sir, while teachers and school staff are already overworked and under resourced, lets spend fifty thousand dollars and put something new on their plates.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have good customer service and we really should be parent friendly and I imagine overall we already do a good job at it. In fact whenever somebody asks me about a school I always reply call them up, meet the principal and go visit but it just seems like there is something wrong with bringing secret shoppers in to the district, I am sure another gotcha tool as people are already over worked and on edge.

I feel like if we have gotten to this point, then we have completely missed the point.

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  1. Good point there! The best principals I ever worked for/with were extremely supportive and always told us we were such good workers, making us want to work even harder. Now it seems everyone is "out to get" the teachers unless they are the bright-eyed TFA people. The very best teachers I remember from my school days were all the older, more experienced ones.

  2. TALK is one thing but ACTION is another. For instance, if a principal socially promotes a student who adds 9 + 5 by counting with fingers into Algebra 2 Honors instead of Algebra 2, he is not a good principal. TFA people are kids used as scabs to help undermine the Public School System.

  3. Parents should be regarded as our "VALUED NEIGHBORS" rather than our "CUSTOMERS". The word "Customers" in education was strictly designed to be used as part of the overall strategy of infusing privatization into the Public School System for an eventual take over by the CRONY CAPITALIST FAT CATS. But Rick Scott will lose his re-election bid, God willing, and there will be a reversal in Florida, of TFA and KIPP and all the other Charters that are stealing us taxpayers money and putting our children's education at peril. GET OUT THE VOTES! GO TO THE POLLS! DON'T PROCRASTINATE! WIN FOR OUR CHILDREN!

  4. Why doesn't Chartrand just butt out of Duval County and its schools? He doesn't live here nor does he pay taxes here!

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