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  1. He is proposing spending 20 billion on charter schools. More than low income education and special education combined. Shame on the educators who helped him get into that position.

  2. Don't p*ss on my turkey and tell me it's gravy. Sign: pac.petitions.moveon.org/sign/defend-public-education.fb50?source=s.icn.fb&r_by=13936234

  3. I did not send my children to public school either. I went to school in Duval and wanted a better education for my children. I wanted to know they were safe and the curriculum stable. I do not have a lot of money and did without so my children would have better than I did. They attend Bishop Snyder and are doing very well in college. I needed peace of mind while I was at work. I needed to have a voice in what classes my children took. I did not have to check to see if the rigor was high enough. Both of my children attend Catholic Schools for 12 years. I would not change one thing. I like that the teachers taught morals and values in their lessons. Both of my children have a learning disability too. The system made them have a voice and did not bend the curriculum for them. They did get extended time and the same things that they receive in college. So I am all for a different way of viewing the system. My students did not have to worry about the state exams and the system testing all the time to see if they are being successful. The teachers were given the benchmarks and were expected to teach them. The students were expected to do their work if they did not they do not get to take a test over. Maybe small test correction but that is it. If you did not do your homework the teachers do not except it late. The teachers do not make up extra credit work because the students did not complete or do they work the first time. The students will get a zero and the teachers did not make up extra things for the students to pull their grades up because the students did not do not do their work the first time. It was hard but a great lesson in life. There are very few due overs in life and none to my knowledge in college. In Duval teachers will give a D just to pass the students on so they do not have to worry about what my happen if they do not. Yes in the Catholic system they are poor students and ones who have difficult home lives. They still have to do the work. The teachers were available after school if needed. Again I would not change the choice I made with my children. There should be freedom to take the allotted tax money that I pay and I should of been able to spend my children's portion on any school. I do believe in vouchers. In any business freedom of choice bring about a better product.

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