Orlando about to let the barbarians (TFA) in the gate

When talking about Teach for America, next year Orlando will
have fifty, the year after a 100 and in a couple years it will be 200 or more except
then they won’t be filling hard to fill positions, but jobs professional teachers
of college of education graduates who would spend a lifetime in your classrooms
would and I know because this is what has happened in Jacksonville.
Teach for America also exacerbates the turnover problem that
Orlando is fighting because the vast majority won’t serve more than 2 years,
heck in Jacksonville nearly a fifth don’t finish that commitment. Then there is
the cost, where I can’t speak to the finder’s fee Orlando will be paying for
each member or the additional costs in training because new teachers require a
lot more but in Jacksonville we will be paying an additional 5 million dollars
on TFA, for 200 corp members per year, over the next three years. Now it’s true
much of that money has been donated, not surprisingly from charter school
interests, but imagine what would happen had Jacksonville taken the money and
used it to recruit professional teachers and top graduates?

I would pose this final question to Orlando, do you want professional
teachers with training and education who may spend a lifetime in your
classrooms, or hobbyists with five weeks training who think, hey I will give
that a try, only to leave after two years. replaced by anther. Decide what you want and demand your school
board do it. I believe Orlando is letting the forces of privatization in the
gate and should rethink its plan, if not I also believe they will be making
things worse.

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  1. Although I am also opposed to many of the things that TFA brings to the education, as someone who is from Orlando I understand the need that they have for TFA. OCPS has over a hundred unfilled teaching positions. They also have the problem of mass retirement about to occur in the coming years. TFA is a bandaid over a bleeding wound, but it's better than nothing I suppose.

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