Only 47% of Florida’s black males graduated in the 10-11 school year

Pretty depressing. Some people think a potential solution is
our black males have more black teachers. That is pretty depressing too. I
don’t care if a teacher is white black or any other color, we should be
striving to put our best teachers in front of our most challenged kids and we
should also put in place things that help our kids not hinder them
Some districts, Duval included, would rather put Teach for
America teachers in our toughest classrooms. These rookie teachers not only
don’t have education backgrounds but they are unlikely to grow into being great
teachers because 95% of them are gone within two years.
Standardized testing scares many of our veteran teachers
away. Why would an excellent veteran risk their career to teach the kids that
need excellent veterans the most? Would you roll that dice?
Class size, an average teacher could teach a class of forty
if all the kids were motivated, and had parental involvement. A great teacher
would struggle with a class of 20 if the kids didn’t care about school, lacked
parental involvement and had the street dictate their priorities. In our poorer
neighborhood schools, class sizes should be about 12-15 so teachers can really
get tot their kids.
Extras, like electives and social workers, and believe me
friends many of these things have become extra in the schools that have to
drill incessantly for tests. We can’t make school drudgery for kids and wonder
why they don’t do well and we can’t ignore what happens to kids when they
aren’t at school if we want them to be successful.
No friends, unless we plan to wall off the races then just
putting black teachers in front of black students won’t work.

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