Officer accidentally discharges gun at school, so why do we want to arm teachers again?

There is a lot of debate if we should build the wall, err arm teachers.   Well what happened today in Jacksonville should be exhibit number one why it is a bad idea.

From First Coast News,

A middle school on the Westside was briefly locked down Thursday after a false threat was made to the school and a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officer accidentally fired their weapon, school officials said.

Duval County Public Schools said the false threat was made to JSO and claimed Jefferson Davis Middle School was in danger. The school was then briefly placed on lockdown while police investigated. 

While officers investigated the campus, DCPS said a JSO officer’s firearm was accidentally discharged outside the school. 

Despite the incident, the school district told parents, “at no time was there a threat to our campus, and staff and students remained safe throughout the day.”

JSO is now investigating the incident in which the weapon was discharged, according to school district officials.

Look this was an accident, I am sure the officer feels terrible and luckily nobody was hurt, but the thing is this officer is a trained professional and he messed up bigly but for some reason republican’s think it’s a good idea give teachers a few hours of training and arm them? Doing so puts children at risk and that’s the bottom line. 
Law enforcement and protecting kids are important and valuable duties of the state, duties however that should be preformed by people trained to do them not teachers who already have pretty full plates.   
Is it to much to ask that we have professional law enforcement protect our children and if it is can you tell me why?

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