Now that the civic council hijacked the referendum costing the district 100s of millions of dollars they now support

With friends like the civic council you don’t need enemies.

I believe in the referendum and I support the referendum but lets not kid ourselves, because of the efforts of the civic council and their flunkies on the city council, our schools will be out hundreds of millions of dollars. Some of which will go directly into the pockets of civic council members.

From the Times Union,

“We want to state the Civic Council has always been in favor of a sales tax referendum for all students for in all public schools in our district,” Miller said.

That’s why, she said, the group had reservations when the school district’s $1.9 billion master plan for maintenance and security enhancements, which they say originally only focused on traditional public schools. The group voiced those concerns in a letter published last year.
“Because the Civic Council spent the time and resources to dive in on all the details, we felt that there was room for clear improvement from the original plan,” Kane said.
According to Kane and Miller, changes the group wanted to see implemented included flexibility around the master plan’s building standards, the inclusion of all public schools, the future enrollment projections and a cap on the total tax collected.
Lies, lies and more lies.
They wanted charter schools to get a per pupil cut so their members could get paid and that’s it.
The civic council is the villain, well one of them anyways, of the story and we shouldn’t think differently for a second.
Shame on them.

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