Now Connie Hall cares about how the district spends its money?

Followers of the blog will know I don’t have much optimism
when it comes to Mrs. Hall so you might be surprised to know I share her
concern that the district is creating more chief positions especially since
most teachers have to go out of pocket to purchase  class necessities.

In the Times Union she said, “This
looks top-heavy; it’s a whole lot of chiefs, and that’s
going to generate high salaries.”
one of the board’s four new members, said she wanted to make sure the district
wasn’t depriving schools of needed positions to fill top administrative
I think
she is right on; the district has been way to top heavy spending six figures on
district staff while cutting just about everything else.
problem however is a couple years ago she was one of those six figured chiefs
in an arguably do nothing job. Then she started a non profit to provide
tutoring services but then tripled her rates when she started a for profit to
do the same thing and finally most recently she opted to take 2,800 more
dollars a year than her predecessor had taken.
her track record it’s hard for me to believe she suddenly cares about how the
district spends its money, unless they are spending the money on her. This lady
has been living high off the hog on the districts dime for years. Most likely
this is just more of her Anti-Vitti dance, something we should all probably get
used to.


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