Nothing has changed concerning discipline in Duval Schools

From a reader about discipline:

Nothing has changed. One Dean of Discipline is replacing 3 Asst. Principals, so even more behavior is ignored. Vitti was flat-out lying when he wrote to Judge Davis and said the Code of Conduct is adhered to. At the high school where I teach, students are on their cell phones constantly, even during class, and if you confiscate it, the parents are not having to pick it up. It is given back to the student at the end of the day. Writing “too many” referrals is showing up on evaluations. Is that legal? No support from DTU, as usual.

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  1. I agree. My high school's discipline has become way worse. When a student, several students, or even an entire class is behaving badly, and an AP, Dean, or Principal walks in, the students continue being ridiculous. Those in charge inspire no authority or respect. Individual teachers do at my school, but the "authoritarians" do not. The Code of Conduct is way too lenient, and those enforcing it are too lenient as well. Students need consequences, even if those consequences are SOS, after school detention, community service, lunchroom duty, etc. ISSP is not necessarily a joke at my school; however, it is not deterring students.

  2. It's particularly ridiculous since Ms. Couch brought it up at a meeting with the board and the Super on 7/23/13. Super said he would email principals, telling them to make sure the phone policy is enforced. Did he forget? Cell phones are also a top complaint of college professors, but at least the students have paid tuition, so if they want to waste their money (which they probably won't pay back), that's their choice. But I'm evaluated on test scores, so I'd really appreciate it if they would enforce the policies they write. St. Johns County has the same policy, but the difference is that they enforce it. Duval continues to allow the animals to run the zoo.

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