Not wasting a crisis, DeVos and the federal government seek to expand charter schools.

How much does DeVos and the administration hate public education? Well yesterday it was sixty five million dollars worth as that is the amount they plan to spend to create and expand charter schools, that is their priority rather than help public schools providing unprecedented services.


U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced today $65 million in new grant awards that will fund the creation and expansion of more than 100 high-quality public charter schools in underserved communities across the country. Through the Expanding Opportunity through Quality Charter Schools Program (Charter Schools Program, or CSP), more students will have the opportunity to move off waitlists into schools of their choice.

DeVos and the Trump administration have not been friends to public education as they push their privatization agenda. Sadly things like giving tens of millions of dollars to charters is to be expected. However lets talk about timing.

Public schools across the nation have gone through seismic shift in how they educate and more than a few have become leaders in providing social services and basics like food. However instead of lending a hand, DeVos says, you know what, lets get some more charter schools.

This on the heals of charter schools applying for small business grants and loans. You know because in addition to being a school they are businesses too.

Public schools all across the country have stepped up during the crisis, and for this they get zero suspect from DeVos and the federal government, who in fact they are looking to undermine them. This would be bad during regular times, but during a pandemic it is unconscionable.

This is America, this is us.

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