Not one article about the state board of education meeting in the local media

And it’s not like nothing happened, they announced when you factor in inflation a drop in education funding, 174 million in PECO funds for charters and nothing for public education, 90 million more for charters and vouchers and a member of the board called children raw materials and questioned if colleges were getting good ones.

You know children, nothing but raw materials to the state board of education.

That’s not insignificant, but I guess insignificant enough not to make the local news. I get it, the tax referendum sucks up a lot of oxygen, but some big things happened yesterday that the people in Jax deserved and should be informed about.

Here are some links to articles about it.

Or if you want to watch it,

So much of what happens in Jacksonville starts in Tallahassee and we need our media to pay closer attention.

Oh and just so you know, there isn’t one educator on the state board, go figure, because why would there be.

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