No oversight for Duval’s charter school lotteries

As you know I have real questions about how the KIPP charter schools says they have a wait list while the district says they have never met their max enrollment. Another concern would be how they don’t backfill either.

So I reached out to the district to see if they supervised KIPP’s lottery and they told me they didn’t supervise their or any charter school’s lottery. Later however they might review their paperwork.

So as you can see we are just taking their word for how things are done. And remember some of these charter schools were using the district’s computer system to recruit kids to go to their schools.


Oy vey people, now I wonder what kind of oversight in any capacity we have and let me remind you that last year two charter schools failed here mid year sending the school district and families scrambling.

Over 293 charter schools have failed. 14 in Jax, 4 in the last couple years.
Most have very little in the form of innovation.
As a group they don’t perform any better, most here locally do worse.
Then finally since we expanded charters by 300 percent over the last few years the district grade has dropped to a C.

It’s like we don’t even care.

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