New poll supports the tax referendum repudiates Lenny Curry’s agenda

When you have a city hall that consistently goes against the will of  the people at some point you have to ask yourself why, and a recent poll by Florida Politics shows that Lenny Curry is upside down on the city’s priorities.

From Florida Politics,

The poll also covered issues of importance to Jacksonville voters.
Also a non-starter with voters: the JEA Board’s current exploration of privatizing the utility.
The proposal has 15 percent approval and 70 percent disapproval. Its greatest popularity is at 19 percent, with Republicans.
The survey of likely voters showed strong support for a referendum for a school sales tax, with 56 percent offering conceptual support.
Meanwhile, the survey shows there is no appetite for the Mayor to appoint School Board members.
State Rep. Jason Fischer filed a bill with just that proposal, but the concept is at 80 percent disapproval with likely voters. Its most significant “popularity” is with Republicans, at 18 percent.
Curry, for his part, floated a proposal for an elected school Superintendent. We didn’t poll that, but it would be a heavy lift with some members of the Jacksonville City Council.
I bet if they would have asked about Lot J and the Landing, the mayor wouldn’t have liked that news either.
We don’t live in a city where the leadership cares about the citizenry, we live in a city where they only care about themselves and in Curry’s case, a seat on the team jet. 

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