Nearly one in three charter schools in Florida have failed. How are they a good idea again?

Think of the hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars lost and the lives interrupted.

From State Impact in an article about creating a data base of charter operators:  Nearly one in three Florida charter schools have closed since the state first allowed the publicly funded but privately run schools. And Florida charter schools were three times as likely to close during their first year than they were nationally during the 2013-2014 school year.

In Florida, most charter schools are approved by school districts. And 45 percent of charter schools are run by charter management firms – often for-profit companies paid to oversee the day-to-day school operations.
It’s even worse too because many of the charters that have been successful have set up in neighborhoods that already had successful public schools stealing resources from them.
Nearly twenty years in to this failed experiment the powers-that-be think a data base of charter school operators will stem the closures and poor results. I think only ending the experiment will end the closures and poor results.
I also would like to remind everybody that just a few days ago lobbyists went in front of the state board (many of the members which have close ties to charter)  of education and asked for more maintenance money of their privately owned facilities. I would say it was chutzpah but  since the industry has paid off all the players it is something much worse.     
Some people might say at least this is something but the truth is it isn’t much.

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