My Right friend explains why vouchers are bad for public education.

As someone across
the political aisle from Chris let me agree with him and amplify. One
unintended consequence with vouchers is that it becomes difficult to schedule
students with teachers. Because of vouchers student numbers fluctuate wildly
from school to school. My school was down several hundred students this year
because of vouchers.

This means we have
gone through three complete separate schedule changes and they’re still not
finished. Class loads have to be balanced, teachers have to be added or surplussed,
money has to be shifted and much more that doesn’t come to mind.

The upshot is we
don’t have the students firmly in class or subject or even physically settled
until well into October. Even then, as students drift back in to the public
schools through the year classroom sizes fluctuate upward. Sometimes
drastically. Vouchers as they currently implemented are a complete and utter

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