My random thoughts on the Davis promotion

you should know I had a judgment from the state against me and I was on five
years of probation. Two things, I really think I got hammered compared to other
judgments I have seen and where I didn’t think it was fair after two years of
wrangling with the state I just gave up and agreed. So when Davis says he just
went along, I can see it, though at the same time, people go to jail and are
forced to register as sex offenders for doing what he was accused of. I may
have fought that a little harder
Vitti points to his promotions as evidence that he did nothing wrong it makes
me laugh a little. This is Florida and Jacksonville in particular, often
promotions have nothing to do with ability and everything to do with whom you
the end of the day it’s Vitti on the line and not Davis. He obviously wanted
somebody he likes and feels he can trust and Davis fits that bill. I still
think many of his appointments are random and many don’t make sense but I guess
that’s his bosses prerogative but think about this, if people were still
infatuated with Vitti, then nobody would care about this transfer.

Vitti’s wearing thin with a
lot of people. I thought Pratt-Dannals was terrible as super, though I hear he
was a great guy at a party, and one of the reasons he lasted so long was he
flew under the radar. Vitti on the other hand is out there constantly and
usually at the center of a controversy. Maybe that’s a byproduct of so much
being needed to be done but maybe it’s a byproduct of him not having a handle
on how to do things. The fact his quotes in the media often deflect blame from
himself and dump on teachers and principals probably doesn’t help either.

4 Replies to “My random thoughts on the Davis promotion”

  1. Mr. Guerrieri, do you think Dr. Vitti will allow administrators like George Maxey or Levi McIntosh to return to the district now that precedence has been set with Assistant Superintendent Mason Davis and Region Superintendent Sheree Cagle?

  2. No, I think Vitti picks who he likes personally and background/experience/ability have little to do with his choices. Remember just in June they hired a guy from Atlanta to be a principal but then let him go a week later when accusations he had an affair with a subordination surfaced.

  3. Oh what a web we weave when we practice the art to deceive….

    I fear for what this year brings for us. He's certainly tangling a web and it seems to be becoming a huge, sticky mess. 🙁
    Sadly, those of us left behind once he's got a Cush job elsewhere will be left to untangle it.

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