Musings on Jeb Bush’s Education Nation interview

He was late, imagine that.
He fighting to make things better is very debatable.
His party cares about social mobility?!?
School choice is a euphemism for corporate takeover.
Many of his ideas take money out of the classroom.
He likes to take credit for things that didn’t happen.
He likes testing… a lot!
Who cares what the CEO of Exxon Mobile thinks about
He understand why people are afraid, he just doesn’t care.
On one hand Florida’s great but on the other America is
Liberals don’t like standards, nobody likes accountability.
It’s Obama’s fault.
Are schools failing society or is society failing schools?
Closing schools is okay in his book.
Louisiana is on the forefront of education… LOUSIANA!?!
Schools should be magically upgraded without tax money.
He thinks it is weird that the richest country in the world
spends the most money in the world, though in reality it doesn’t.
The restoration of our country’s greatness??? People in
poverty need to be challenged.
We have focused on the economic interest of adults, i.e.
those over paid and greedy teachers need to sacrifice.
Lets blow up the system and then measure how we did.
13,000 public school monopolies are stifling innovation.
Why no questions from the audience?
It feels like Brian Williams is playing slow pitch softball.
His toughest question was how are you today?

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