Mugging victims often comply with their muggers but that doesn’t mean they like it.

A new piece on ReDefined Ed talks about how school districts
across the nation are cooperating with charter schools. Not only was it an
embarrassing mixture of cherry picked stats and lacked context but it made me
think the victims of muggings often cooperate with their muggers too.
Patrick Gibbons wrote, a new report by Will Dobbie of Princeton
and Roland Fryer of Harvard, shows significant achievement gains for low-income
students in Harlem attending charter schools –
Well by new he meant December 2011 and what he doesn’t
mention is these schools spend significantly more per pupil than the typical
public school does. The real lesson here is money does matter. I personally
find it disingenuous when these corporate reformers cherry pick a few charter
schools doing well and don’t mention how much more they spend per pupil.
Next he talks about how the Stanford CREDO study says, on
balance, provide a slightly higher quality education.
First the study does say Charter Schools have improved but
that is the result of hundreds of poorly performing charter schools closing
across the nation. From the Washington Post:
The nation’s public charter schools are
growing more effective but most don’t produce better academic results when
compared with traditional public schools, according to a 
report released Tuesday.
He also doesn’t mention how selection bias, counseling out
poor performers and behavior problems, lower numbers of ESOL and ESE students,
how the best charter schools typically spend more money, and that they can put
conditions of parents benefit charter schools. The truth is charter schools
should be killing public schools but they are not and that should be very
alarming to people.
Finally he sites a new report in EducationNext, by researchers at
the Walton Family Foundation and the Department of Education Reform at the
University of Arkansas.
I didn’t even look it up because anything the Walton
Foundation puts out should be considered suspect. Their agenda not what is best
for kids dictate their motives.
He finishes by writing; School districts should always put
students first, whether or not they educate the child. – 
To which I respond, if only the school reform movement would
put children instead of their privatization agenda first, we would be doing
much better.

read REDefined Ed’s latest self-serving and factually inaccurate piece, click
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