MSNBC’s Morning Joe once again shows their anti teacher bias.

They had Campbell Brown on to discuss bringing California
style justice to NY and how she planned to sue NY teachers over work
protections. She said, while she doesn’t disagree with the effects of poverty,
teachers are the number one in school factor and have to be dealt with and
implied since there is nothing we can do about poverty teachers make an easier
Mica Brezinski, whose ambien must have been working over
time, seemed to agree and said, it’s to bad we have to be busy with the
“extreme cases that show the whole system is as ridiculous as it is.” un what,
you rarely see the words extreme cases and whole system in a sentence, a
coherent one that is.
Dr. Jeffery Sachs the Director of the Earth Institute, the
con to Browns pro teacher bashing, tried to say we should take a holistic
rather than blame approach but the poor guy wasn’t allowed to finish a sentence
and in fact after being interrupted several times and while trying to answer a
question was told, please don’t interrupt me by the little guy with glasses who
agreed that teaching quality was a big problem.
There was nothing about how the Vergera ruling was made
based on made up testimony, how the teachers in the case were actually fairly
accomplished and how a couple of the kids went to charter schools.

I don’t mind discussions about the issue, and Chris
Hayes the 8 pm host is doing some good work bringing up the problems in
education, because we should always be striving to make the profession and
education better but this wasn’t a discussion this was a “teachers suck and our
hurting our kids” segment, a segment they seem to have a lot of.  

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