MSNBC, liberal democrats and Hollywood attack public education.

The battle to regain control of public education from corporate
interests took a turn for the worse as several supposed friends attacked public
First is director M. Night Shyamalan who penned the book: I
got schooled, 5 Keys to Unlocking Quality Education. I can’t compete with the
excellent Edshyster who has already written about it but I feel comfortable
saying shouldn’t he be more concerned with 5 keys to quality filmmaking? Come
on friends, we can all agree the Sixth Sense was great but what has he done
since then? Even Signs and Invincible are now found lacking now as we realize
we were still caught up in the Sixth Sense after glow.
MSNBC however must have thought his book was groundbreaking
as they invited him to speak at Education Nation with all the teachers, err a
couple teachers, what no teachers have been invited?!? Seriously WTF it’s
called education nation, not how to profit off of education, nation. That’s
right friends the Education Nation guest list is a who’s who of corporate education
reformers and anti-public education politicians.
One politician who didn’t get an invite though it seemed
like he was trolling for one is Jared Polis, a self described progressive
democrat from Colorado who thinks Diane Ravitch is evil, his words not mine.
Mr. Polis is anti-teacher, anti-union and pro charter school, which makes me
think he doesn’t understand what progressive means. If only Fezzik were here to
ask him.
You know what all the sudden attacks have in common, money,
that’s what. First Shymalan and Polis are rich; heck make that mega rich and
sadly that brings hubris with it, Gates, Koch brothers and the list goes on and
on anybody.  They equate wealth with intelligence
and don’t need facts or evidence to make up their mind, instead relying on the
zeroes in their bank accounts. MSNBC on the other hand wants to make money and
they know their audiences will be bigger with Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal and the other
corporate reformers than it would be with P.S. 109’s Mrs. Mcgilicutty and who
cares if she has more educational knowledge in her little finger than the
entire group has combined.

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  1. Excellent! Maybe these folks should view the film GO PUBLIC: A Day in the Life of an American School District to get an authentic, inside look at public education. Until the film becomes widely available, the GO PUBLIC website is a wealth of insight from the people actually living the public school experience.

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