Mother of a Trump supporter blames schools for her son’s poor behavior

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During a Trump rally on Tuesday, a young boy in the audience began chanting, “Take the b***h down!” in reference to Hillary Clinton.
If you were expecting the boy’s mother to be embarrassed or to apologize… well, you clearly haven’t spent a lot of time hanging around with hardcore Trump supporters.
According to Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs, the boy’s mother said that her son learned such foul language in “Democratic schools”
Furthermore, she also said she didn’t have any problems with her son calling the Democratic presidential nominee a “b***h” in public because, hey, who is she to tell him to behave?
“I think he has a right to speak what he wants to,” she said, according to Jacobs.
I wonder if the mother expected public schools to raise her child, teach them right from wrong or to insist they had a moral compass? If only we could.
It’s ironic because most veteran teachers have had students like the little bastard scamp mentioned above and when they tried to teach them the difference between right and wrong have gotten excoriated by their parents or when they have asked for help from their parents received none.  
This woman like to many of her contemporaries has abdicated her responsibilities and then when her son acts up or in a few years is incapable of getting a job she has will have the nerve to say, if only public schools would have done their jobs. Lady its not “Democratic” schools that have failed, it is you. 
There are so many great parents but the sad truth that this lady just proved is schools without help from parents and guardians can only do so much and there will be a certain segment of the population that will blame public schools despite the fact it is them who have failed and why do I think you can find most of them at Trump rallies.

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  1. Chris, I love your posts and this one was a valid example of poor parenting. I do, however, think it is unfair to link such ignorance to a specific party. I'm sure there are a good share of total morons in both parties. For example, one of the craziest families at my school (of which we have had to suffer through 3 of their children) have a big faded Obama sticker on their car. Both of their lunatic parents have cursed out teachers and office staff. I think it would be totally wrong for anyone to say, "See, that's the typical Democratic parent for ya!"
    Obviously, the lady you mentioned in your post was way off by blaming "Democratic" schools, but your response was really more of the same. I guarantee some of your best students are from both sides and some of your worst students are from both sides.
    If the family I mentioned showed up at the DNC, all 3 of their kids would've probably been chanting something inappropriate as well and their parents would join them! I make this assumption because their idiots not because they are Democrats.

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