More proof Jeb Bush is just a profiteer or why don’t the rules apply to him?

I am just going to get right to it. Laws prohibit companies
from giving money or gifts including trips to lawmakers. However since Jeb
Bush’s Foundation for Education Privatization, err Excellence is a non-profit
they are able to skirt around the laws (and decency). So what they have been
doing is using contributions from charter schools, on-line and virtual school
companies and testing companies to finance their meetings, retreats and
conferences where lawmakers go on the foundation’s dime and you have probably
guessed it by now, meet charter schools, on-line and virtual school companies
and testing companies.

According to the
Tampa Tribune: In recent years, several Florida Department of Education
officials and legislators have attended the conferences, and in some cases,
their flights, hotel stays, meals and incidentals were paid for with money that
came partly from the foundation’s corporate donors.
At these events, the state officials attended meetings, panel
discussions, meals and receptions also attended by those donors.

To say this man was a cheat and a
liar would do a disservice to cheaters and liars. Please go to the link and
read the article and then if you would like to read more check out this link to
Scathing Purple Musings.

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