More proof how utterly messed up Florida’s education system is. Be sure to read on an empty stomach while sitting.

First there is the F rated
charter school using public money to advertise for more students. 
Oh vey! From
the Tampa Times:  Woodmont
Charter School, an F-rated elementary and middle school, is advertising on
television for more students.
The 30-second cable spot shows children listening attentively,
raising their hands, working on computers and romping through the playground.
But it doesn’t mention the school’s grade.
Then Bob Sykes from Scathing Purple Musings put together
that over the last four years Florida’s Charters Schools have received a cash bonanza in PECO funds. Last year,
charters received $91 million while school districts split $6 million with
another $14 million going toward special facility construction projects in
rural counties unable to raise additional money. In 2011 and 2012, charters
received $55 million each year while school districts received no state PECO
Add that to the
90 million they are budgeted to get this year and that’s 291 million for a
couple hundred-charter schools while 3,500 public schools had to split less
than a hundred million.
Only in Florida. 

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