More Florida testing woes

Pam Stewart, who said we were ready for this years
standardized tests blamed the latest snafu on “…a
technical change that was made to the Florida Standards Assessment testing
system over the weekend that was not approved by the Department. This change
was unnecessary to the administration of the Florida Standards Assessment and
resulted in a disruption that hindered students from being able to log in to
the system and take their test today.

It seems to me that she thinks the company we have
invested at least 220 million dollars in is just making things up as they go

What is it going to take for the governor to replace
both her and the state board of education which is chaired by a campaign supporter
of Scotts, grocer Gary Chartrand, who got us to this point and to say this year’s
tests are null and void for student promotion and teacher evaluation purposes? If
they aren’t ashamed or embarrassed shouldn’t they at least be worried about the

Why is it so hard for them, when the stakes are so
high to make sure we get things right? Often people say schools are failing
society, I believe our leaders are failing our schools.

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