More deception from school board district 3 candidate Ashley Smith-Juarez

You have to hate politicians that will say anything to get
elected, or in the case of Mrs. Smith-Juarez not say anything. In a recent
interview on channel 4 she said she was a small business owner and didn’t
mention once that she was executive director of the Chartrand Foundation. You
know the “Education” organization founded by the chairman of the state board of

Isn’t that funny, here she is running for school board and
she doesn’t want people to know she runs an education organization, founded by
arguably the most influential education figure in the entire state?
Maybe its because her mentors credibility is unraveling as
news of his ideas gets out. Mr. Chartrand doesn’t believe in teacher experience
or education, thinks the class size amendment was a waste and recently had the
board set its education benchmarks based on race. Yes friends read that again,
race. How far does Mrs. Smith-Juarez’s apple fall from Mr. Chartrand’s tree?
She obviously doesn’t want the public to know.
This isn’t the first time Mrs. Smith-Juarez has been
deceptive either. In an earlier interview she said she worked at an independent
school because I guess she didn’t think anyone would have heard of Bolles and
she inflated the statistics of Teach for America on the Chartrand Foundation

Once, could be a mistake, twice could be chalked up to
a coincidence but three times, well friends a pattern has emerged, a pattern
that our schools and kids can’t afford.

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