More Charter Schools stealing public money

On the heels of a Florida charter school operator
taking home 800k
From the La Times: The founders of a San Fernando Valley charter school were
sentenced Friday for the misappropriation of more than $200,000 in public funds
in a case that could affect charter schools statewide.
“Eugene” Selivanov, the co-founder of Ivy Academia Charter School,
faces four years and eight months in prison.
His wife,
Tatyana Berkovich, who had a lesser role in managing school finances, must
serve 45 days in County Jail. She also will be sentenced to five years
probation and 320 hours of community service.
From the Washington Post: D.C. PUBLIC charter school officials say that, as soon as
they learned about alleged fiscal irregularities at the
city’s oldest charter school
, they took swift action. That’s true.
But two issues remain: why the alleged abuses were not discovered sooner, and
whether sufficient protections are in place to ensure that public funds are
spent in the best interest of students.
Suspicions by the D.C. Public
Charter School Board about improper contracts at the Options Public Charter
School resulted in a lawsuit by D.C. Attorney General
Irvin B. Nathan
seeking a receiver for the Northeast school. The civil lawsuit, filed Tuesday
in D.C. Superior Court, alleges that leaders of Options enriched themselves
with at least $3million in taxpayer funds
intended to serve students. According to the suit, the school’s leaders created
for-profit companies that entered into contracts with the school to deliver
services at high prices.

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