More bad Florida charter school news

Another day and more bad news about Florida’s
charter schools:

Charter school abruptly close:
Another charter school in Broward has closed, this time for
failing to pay its rent.

On Tuesday, School Board members accepted the voluntary termination of
College Bound Academy of Excellence, a school for sixth to 12thgrades that
opened this year in Margate.

The charter school closed its doors to 60 students early last week but
failed to notify district officials beforehand.

Teachers at closed charter school
sue for unpaid wages.

Almost a dozen employees of a now-shuttered charter School
in Fort Lauderdale are suing the school’s founder for unpaid wages.

Mitchell did not respond to a message left on his cell phone on Monday.

“We’re aggravated, we’re hurt, we’re disappointed, we don’t know where
to turn and we don’t know what to do,” said former school secretary Sharon
Cooper, who says she is owed a whole month of pay, or $2,100. “I’m trying
desperately to find a job.”

Others allege they weren’t given any supplies or reimbursed for purchasing
classroom materials.

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