Minnesota says “NO” to Teach for America, while Jacksonville doubles down

I believe that Teach for America despite having a business
model that educators know to be the opposite of best practices have a role to
play. They should be a supplement to our schools. Unfortunately instead of
trying to put life long educators in our classrooms the district has decided
instead to put an ever-revolving door of rookie teachers.
I think that is a bad idea and so does the governor of
Minnesota. This from the Diane Ravitch Blog: In a rare setback for Teach for America,
Governor Mark Dayton 
an appropriation
 to fund more
TFA recruits in the state. Minnesota has a small number of TFA corps members,
but the governor questioned why the state should underwrite the wealthy
organization to supply ill-trained teachers who don’t plan to stay on the job.
I have the same questions about Jacksonville?


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  1. Excellent point as real business knows to place their most experienced and high quality staff in struggling departments rather than limited newbies if positive change is desired.

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