Matt Schellenberg’s campaign manager apparently has an affinity for the Confederate flag.

I think I should be honest with you. I would never support Schellenberg for school board. Lori Hershey has done a good job and every opportunity Schellenberg had on the city council to help public ed, he passed. I plan to actively campaign against him, and fortunately for me he keeps giving me this low hanging fruit.

From Florida Politics, 

Duval County Republican political consultant Raymond Johnson has been turning heads with recent activities, such as his planning of a history of the Confederate flag”-themed meeting of the Westside Republican Club on Monday, which was intended to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the “Muslim-free” gun shop in Inverness.

When somebody complained, Johnson wrote back,

“So sorry you feel this about this issue of simply educating people about the civil war and the confederate flag when those that seek to be history revisionist are reporting lies and mistruths. Their ultimate goal is the remove history to indoctrinate in their own propaganda to lead sheepable to the slaughter of a socialist/communist state,” wrote Johnson, a consultant who worked for Councilmen Matt Schellenberg and Doyle Carter.

An affinity for the Confederate Flag, anti LGBTQ views, wow this guy is hitting all the notes for somebody who shouldn’t be let anywhere near public education.

I just wonder does this guy have something over Schellenberg? Does he know where the bodies are buried? Or does Schellenberg agree with him.

In an earlier tweet he said he doesn’t but when asked if he will be distancing himself from Johnson, it was radio silence.

Then when I donate to a political candidate, its because they reflect my views and beliefs, something I imagine a campaign manager for a candidate must do. So the question is does Wayne Weaver and the rest of Schellenberg’s donors feel the same about LGBTQ people and the Confederate flag as Johnson? I think we should ask them.  

I would never support Schellenberg, but he should realize his campaign manager puts him in a hole and he should stop digging. 

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