Matt Schellenberg candidate for school board has some serious explaining to do. (draft)

Schellenberg has chosen to run against Lori Hershey for the district 7 school board race. Weird because Mrs. Hershey has done a great job and Schellenberg is about as anti-public education as they come.

We will talk about both those things a lot in the upcoming weeks and months but right now Schellenberg has some real explaining to do.

He has employed Raymond Johnson to be his campaign manager, and Mr. Johnson has some sick and inappropriate views on his fellow citizens.

From the Folio Weekly,

 For example, I heard his unique take on homosexuals: “They are mentally and emotionally ill, where they’re sodomizing themselves, and we’re telling them [with the human rights ordinance expansion] that it’s OK.”

And I heard his take on Ahmed, a Fulbright scholar appointed to the Human Rights Commission by then-Mayor John Delaney: “Parvez Ahmed specifically is one of the major moral issues City Council has faced in the last four years, this and the HRO. We have to know where these people stand. Either you’re completely ignorant of national security or you’re not.”

Schellenberg has hired this guy, he is paying this guy money. This isn’t some letter to the editor he wrote to his college paper 25 years ago. No this is from 2015.
You know I am running for school board and if you feel the same as Johnson does, I am not your candidate, look elsewhere. Thoughts like this are no longer acceptable and they should be challenged and reviled.
It gets worse because powerful (white men) have donated to Schellenberg, like Micheal Ward, John Baker and even Wayne Weaver, they should be asked if they share Johnson’s views.
I don’t know what else to say.   

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