Matt Schellenberg candidate district 7 gives thousands to Raymond Johnson, that’s a problem. (draft)

Matt Schellenberg says he doesn’t think people who are gay have a mental illness but that hasn’t stopped him from giving thousands of dollars to a man who doesn’t just say it but shouts it to anybody who will listen.

This from his financial expenditures.

Grassroots campaign is run by Raymond Johnson. Johnson has compared the Black Lives Matter to terrorists, fought against the HRO as late as last month and is on record saying gay people have a mental illness.

These reprehensible points of view have no place in modern society let alone a campaign for school board.

This is the thing too, Wayne Weaver, Ronnie Fussel (clerk of the court), Martin Stein, John Baker, Micheal Ward, and Preston Haskell, all city leaders have donated to Schellenberg. Doesn’t the city deserve to know if they share Raymond Johnson’s opinions.

I am reminded of a meme, which says not everyone that supports the resident is a racist, but everyone who supports the president decided racism is not a deal breaker.

Maybe those city leaders don’t agree BLM is run by terrorists or gay people have mental illnesses or don’t deserve protections, but believing in those things is apparently not a deal breaker. 

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