Matt Carlucci lets the city down, was he ever really sincere

We know why Hazouri has opposed the sales tax referendum, he thinks he will be city council president next year and this last bite of the apple was worth his betrayal to him.

Carlucci, for him to suddenly turn heal is a head scratcher. He seemed to be a sincere supporter of the sales tax referendum but now I wonder if he ever really was.

From the Times Union,

Jacksonville City Council member Matt Carlucci said Friday he will offer an amendment Tuesday putting a sales tax referendum for schools on the November 2020 ballot rather than this November.

An amendment by Carlucci at the City Council meeting would mark a major shift in his stance. Carlucci has been one of council’s most vocal advocates for putting the half-cent sales tax referendum on the Nov. 5 ballot, saying “more delay, more decay” if voters don’t have a chance to cast ballots on a sales tax.
He said he will offer the amendment because it would be difficult for elections officials to organize a special election between now and Nov. 5. In addition, he said in a statement that a successful referendum vote is “crucial to the future of the public school system, and that referendum should be held when the chance of success is greatest.”
Ugh and what a specious reason, this hasn’t been about a November vote for sometime and he knows that too. 
Having a vote Tuesday was the best possible outcome even if the city council would have voted no. People’s votes would have been on the record and who wants to bet some council members were having cold feet about voting against the city’s children, but even if it was voted down, the school board could finally sue and I have no doubt they would prevail in a court of law.
Furthermore if we go into 2020 for the referendum I have no doubt Tallahassee is going to pass a law making proportional sharing mandatory.  
Carlucci made a backroom deal to stick a stake in the heart of our schools and his specious reason, not enough time for a November election proves it and worse it’s insulting because he has to know we know it.
This was a bad day for Jacksonville.  

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  1. The same guy who was standing up and pounding the table for public education a few days ago(presumably because he felt so passionate about it) is now essentially taking a knee with a Friday evening press release. Whether it was city hall or charter school donors who got to him is immaterial at this point. The loudest champion of a 2019 sales tax referendum is now as quiet as a mouse. Citing a tight window he has bowed put. Looks like DCPS students aren't worth the heavy lift.

    The 2019 vote would have passed in a low turnout election with high information voters especially PTA types. Sadly City Hall knows this too but it won't keep them from repeating the lie. A 2020 vote will give more time for negotiating charter school carveouts til the referendum is unrecognizable from its current intent. What I don't understand is why is November 5th the only date it can go on the ballot this year? Last time I checked there were 12 months in a year. If it's going to be a low turnout election anyway who cares about the Nov 5th date?

    I guess it's kinda like my old football coach used to say. Excuses are like assholes. We all got them and they all stink!

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