Matt Carlucci attempts to explain his change in tune about the referendum.

I am very upset about his change in tune. I feel that if the city council had to go on the record it would have been hard for more members to vote against the referendum, voting against schools and children  so wealthy donors can get paid is a bad look, but even if they did I figured finally the school board would sue, so I was actually optimistic heading into Tuesday until Carlucci dropped his bombshell on Friday.

On a side note, on Wednesday he was at a community meeting where he gave no indication of his change of heart.

Anyhoo here is a note he sent some constituents.

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He admits that December 15th is doable, which is about when I was thinking the vote would be for a while now. Since that is the case and the needs are so great why not?

I also think that it’s important we do the referendum this year too, because I believe Tallahassee will.
pass some more onerous legislation this spring.

Well I don’t agree with him and I am not sure if I believe him, but I thought I would put this out there.

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