Marco Rubio weighs in on the Step up for Students discrimination controversy, sadly he’s all for it.

This is depressing, here is the Senator’s statement. 

You know instead of saying lets fix the problem so there isn’t any publicly funded discrimination, he blamed the controversy on warped wokeness from the radical left. Like state board of ed member Ryan Petty and Rep, Byron Donalds, he blames the messenger and shrugs his shoulders at the discrimination.

Am I missing something? Shouldn’t we be doing better? Is it to much to ask that the public doesn’t pay for discrimination?

Luckily instead of screaming about religious persecution, or justify and supporting discrimination, some people are proposing solutions.

Friends this is not complicated. Discrimination, bad, public paying for it even worse.

We should be doing better than publicly funded discrimination and we should be doing better than Rubio.

To read more, click the link.

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