Manny Diaz’s charter bill is an affront to decency

The Miami republican is just another example of how
legislators with close ties to the charter industry introduce or vote on
legislation that will benefit them personally.
the Tampa Times: House leaders picked state Rep. Manny Diaz, Jr., of Hialeah, to shepherd a
controversial bill that would revamp the way hundreds of charter schools
statewide enter into agreements with local school boards.
in the eyes of some observers, Diaz has a clear conflict of interest: He has
direct ties to the charter school industry.
Republican lawmaker has been named dean of Doral College, a newly minted
private university run by the state’s largest for-profit charter school
management firm.
He makes 100 grand by the way in his new gig.

Diaz who was a shop teacher formerly has the gall to
tell us he got the job on his merits. 

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