Local thinks corporate charters are the way to go.

 In the Times Union
Paula Neitling (former DCPS librarian???) compared charter schools to large
chain stores like Star Bucks and she couldn’t have been more right.
Charter schools are like those stores because making a buck
is there sole focus and don’t think for a minute the pleasure of serving your
coffee or the noble goal of educating your child is the top priority for
Starbucks or the Renaissance charter school that Mrs. Neitling gushes about
because they are not.
Ninety percent of charter schools exist for one reason only
and that’s to fill the coffers of their owners and if that means they have to
cut arts, counsel out kids, ignore the disabled and the poor then they will not
hesitate to do so.
So where Mrs. Neitling might feel comfortable having her
children educated by mercenaries I would prefer professionals educate

Warts and all, many of which were created by
politicians who seek to profit off the privatization of our public schools,
public schools are far and away the best option out there. 

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