Local politicians vote to completely defund Florida’s public education system

I am not making that up. I am not being hyperbolic. I am however outraged and you should be too.

The Florida house of representatives voted to tie passing House Bill 7055 a 200 page train bill which among other things siphons more money away from public education and kneecaps collective bargaining, to funding public education and several Jacksonville representatives thought that was a good idea. 

Jay Fant, Clay Yarbourough, Cory Byrd, Jason Fischer who hates public education like he was marred by a bear and left for dead and inexplicably democrat Kimberly Daniels.

Jacksonville can we talk here. Is it your desire to destroy public education? I ask because when you repeatedly vote for people like above that is what you are doing.

It’s past time we sent people to Tallahassee who will support our schools, our children deserve it 

To read more, click the link:  http://fundeducationnow.org/fl-house-heroes-zeroes-budget-vote-hb-7055-bully-train/

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