Local Millionaires set up shell companies to funnel money to school board candidates

I think it is safe to say whether you are on the right or the left you are concerned with the pernicious influence of money on politics. Nobody wants a handful of ultra wealthy donors controlling the outcomes.

That being said Houston Jacksonville we have a problem as Wayne Weaver and Gary Chartrand have set up companies whose main or sole focus seems to be to give money to their hand picked school board candidates Greg Tison in district 7 and Warren Jones in district 5.

Not only has Gary Chartrand donated the maximum personally but he has also done so through his LLC’s Chartair Holdings and Unreasonable Leadership a web site set up to sell his book.

Weaver in addition to his donations has given through DAR Investments and WDW Aviation.

As far as I can tell this is perfectly legal but at the same time isn’t it unethical and fly in the face of American Values?

Elections shouldn’t be won with money, they should be won with ideas, Chartrand and Weaver who unlike most can already afford to donate the maximum are now looking to further stack the deck and that’s just plain wrong.

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