Local high school has 80 plus students in one class.

A local high school has more than eighty students assigned to one PE class and class numbers in the fifties and sixties are not rare. The teacher who has the class told me they were told that within the first two weeks the class would be leveled to a more manageable number though the administration’s definition of manageable and ours might be different. I think this also speaks to the state of electives in the county something Vitti has put in the win category. It seems like there is probably more work to do.

Another teacher asked me if a class has thirty students why is the class set of books only twenty five. All I could do was make a joke about common core math and say welcome to Duval County.

Things have really changed since when I went to school here, it used to be each student got their own book and PE didn’t really have any more students than the other classes. Progress right?

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  1. At least that teacher had 25 books. Welcome to our brave new world, once the District adopts an online curriculum, like digits for middle school math, there ARE NO BOOKS. Everything is online, which is great for families that can afford to buy computers, tablets, or smartphones and internet access. Oh wait, this is Jacksonville, an urban school district struggling with areas of poverty in certain neighborhoods. What do they do? Sometimes it seems like our school district's answer is, "It sucks to be you." I could go on, but I would have to write up a full article for the blog.

  2. Chris, please please please continue covering this topic. This is one of those major problems that is being constantly swept under the rug by Vitti and the district. Most people in the community would be outraged if they saw behind the curtain. I share the inside scoop with my family and friends and occasionally parent volunteers that I encounter. Their reaction is always the same. They are amazed that I've continued to do the job and that anyone would endure this year after year. For my core subject teachers who hear the moaning and groaning of your elective colleagues, let me fill you in.
    Ever since the change to the 8 period block schedule, electives, health/PE classes have been overcrowded. By overcrowded, I don't mean over "class size" since we've never been in the 20's. For years, the norm was maybe in the 40's. If I had a class of 30, it was considered really small. NOW, we have started seeing classes of 60+, even 70-80 or MORE in some cases!! They now act as though we should do a dance if the class is around 50. 50!!
    See, for those new to this experience you'll likely be told this week that your numbers may go down or that "classes are still being leveled." Don't buy it!!! Last year, I had a few classes in the 60's that stayed that way the whole year. Actually one of them started at 43 and then had 20 kids added into it a few weeks later! Does that sound like an improvement??
    Here's the problem. I've been told I have really good classroom management. I predicted all year that those of us who "survived" the high numbers would be setting a new norm. That is exactly what happened. I'm seeing the same numbers again, only this time I know better when they tell me numbers will go down. See, if you suffer through the abusive loads, no one died, and maybe some learning took place, then it will continue.
    Hate to say it, but I fear Vitti and DCPS will continue to spin it for themselves saying, "Look how many students have access to the arts." Never mind all those students are crammed in those classes (thus inhibiting a truly quality experience) because there's "nowhere else to put them". The abuse needs to stop. Everyone experiencing this madness needs to rise up and say enough is enough.

    1. I also teach an elective and have 188 total students and one class with 50 and one with 45 students – which isn't too bad for an elective. There is another elective teacher at our school who has a total of around 270 students. That's has been the norm since we went to 8 periods and didn't hire more elective teachers. I hear the "classes are being leveled" thing every day.

  3. Class sizes like the above happen all the time and are ludicrous. Now, if you teach the more advanced classes, stuffing 35 students in a core class is not a big deal; however, try teaching 50+ 9th-12th graders in a music appreciation or art class. Seriously, most parents can barely control their 1, 2, or 3 kids, let alone 50 or more. I defy anyone in leadership to actually teach a class that large.

  4. this is Jacksonville, an urban school district struggling with areas of poverty in certain neighborhoods. What do they do? Notes

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