Local education non-profits pay their presidents six figures

Make no mistake there is money to be made in education, well
unless you are a teacher that is, the person who does the actual educating.

Just ask John Heyman of Communities in Schools who made 118
thousand dollars last year of Trey Czar of the Jacksonville Public Education
Fund who made 129 thousand. Since they are so committed I wonder if they would
do their jobs for 80 thousand, or about 15k more than what the most experienced
teacher in Jacksonville makes?
Don’t get me wrong. I am not questing their commitment to
children, I am just questioning why they are paid so much when those who
actually do the work are paid so little and before you say you have to pay top
dollar to get top talent just remember doing so will probably insult the 7,000
teachers here in the district who are some of the lowest paid in the

Last I looked the county also had over 45 employees
that made over six figures and of those just a handful worked directly with
children, who are the people I think we should be sending our money on. 

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