Local Businessman Peter Rummell wrecks education (rough draft)

Okay a little hyperbole but friends if he ran his businesses like he ran picking a school board candidate he would be sitting on the side road with a sign asking for food.

He said his plan was to let JaxBiz, the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce, pick his the candidates he would support. Well way to involve yourself and do the research Mr. Rummell and I have a question for you, if you think business leaders are qualified to run education would it be all right if me and my teacher friends came and ran your corporation? I didn’t think so but you show your distain for teachers in your process.

I also wonder if he knows that jaxBiz didn’t even bother to interview all the candidates. Probably not because that would have involved him in doing a bit more than just writing a check which it turns out is all he was good for.

I stuck up for Mr. Rummell when former mayor Jake Godbold called him a Nazi. I also applauded him when he crossed party lines in the mayoral race. However had I known his decisions were the equivalent of him throwing a dart against the board and hoping for the best then I probably would have made different calls.

Mr. Rummell is no better than the followers of Corrine brown who blindly followed her hand outs and that’s what the problem with politics is. Very few people take the time to do the research or ask the tough questions. Instead they prefer to be led like sheep even if the header is as ignorant about the subjects as it has become apparent that Rummell is. Sadly in this instance our children and city may suffer because of it.

For shame sir

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