Letter threatening to sue me

Notice it starts, On behalf of the Duval County School Board

I, as you can imagine have lots of issues with above, like I corrected the mistake saying JCC paid BBBS for team up programs weeks ago when I discovered it and I even paistakingly tried to explain their point of view something I was under no obligation to do.

Then I also stated over and over that where I understand no law was broken I thought and still it was wrong, for Grymes to vote for the payment transfers a sentiment many people I spoke to agree with as JCC does get money from the district and JCC does send money to Big Brothers and Big Sisters but what gets me the most is when the lawyer said I was intentionally making false statements. That’s ridiculous and has never ever happened, furthermore all the information I received, I received from the district and JCC.

There is a lot more on this to come.

7 Replies to “Letter threatening to sue me”

  1. Did this come from Sonita Young or his other lackies? I am so disappointed that Sonita has sold her soul. I thought more highly of her than that.

  2. You deserve to lose your job, be sued for what little money you have and should NEVER be able to teach again. I'll gladly write a substantial check to the attorneys who end up pursuing you in court. This is not journalism, this is bitterness for losing your School Board bid several years ago and an ego-boost. Give up. You don't care about JAX kids, none of these posts actually assist teachers and parents in providing resources to help improve the system. It just gives you the attention you crave so much. SCUM.

    1. Just wondering, how do you really feel? Is this Gary? or Scott?
      Scott right? Scott, you write letters like you school board and that's poorly.

    2. Wow who's bitter now? Sounds to me like you need to take a chill pill and stop reading this blog. Get a grip buddy and use all that money for something that helps our kids like the books that could support this awful curriculum. That is if you really care about our kids…or do you just care about your ego as well? Was it maybe bruised by something someone wrote?

  3. Chris, keep up the good work. Your blog was around well before your run for School Board. We should all sue Gary Chartrand.

  4. Scott Shine is a parody of himself at this point. I think DTU and/or the ACLU will have your (non-existent) legal bills covered.

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