Lenny Curry’s lawless city hall.

When three respected attorneys hired by Duval County Public schools to assist them with the special tax referendum disagreed with the city attorney’s assertion that the city council could determine whether and when the referendum was placed on the ballot Mayor Lenny Curry sent out an inflammatory and chilling tweet.

He said, Local liberal lawyers attempting to usurp the city @Jason_R_ Gabriel Do your homework on this crew. 

Lets forget that along with all being well respected one of the lawyers W.C. Gentry is a bastion of local conservative politics who has even give Curry’s election campaign thousands of dollars and focus on who he tagged in his post. Jason Gabriel, this is the city’s attorney who is supposedly working on his final opinion on whether the school board is subservient to the city council or not, talk about being usurped.

Curry is telling the city attorney not only to investigate, do his homework on people he considers opponents, but he is also telling the attorney he better not come to the same conclusion they did. He isn’t letting the law take Gabriel to his conclusion, he is telling Gabriel who is beholden to Curry for his job, what his conclusion better be.

Throw in two of the mayors top lieutenants Sam Mousa, while still a city employee and Tim Baker’s attempt to arguably extort the school board out of nearly a half million dollars and it looks more and more like we have an administration that not only thinks it is above the law but can dictate what the law is.

The city attorney should immediately recuse himself from any further decisions about the referendum. After this curry text his impartiality cannot be trusted. Then the city again not the city attorney should investigate what Curry knew and when about Baker and Mousa’s scheme.

We deserve a city government we can trust and right now we don’t have one.  

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