Lenny Curry shows his true colors, shills for private schools while snubbing his nose at public ones

Lenny Curry was at the Potters House Christian Academy a school that FLDOE says has moved children backwards (see below), to meet the governor who signed a new voucher bill that takes over a hundred million out of public schools pockets. Later Curry was asked about the referendum the Duval County school board passed asking for a half cent tax and he shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t support the referendum for November and it needed more details.

Here are some details, teachers at voucher skills don’t have to have degrees or certifications nor do they have to teach any recognized curriculum. Most of the schools are religious in nature and most of the kids who take vouchers are not fleeing poor schools. Then there is so little accountability in these schools you might as well say there is none. There are some details that Curry and school privatization advocates often ignore. 

So instead of supporting our public schools where most of our children attend, Curry was actively celebrating the privatization of our schools.

Curry and the Times Union editorial board have both said November is to soon for a referendum and it will be to expensive, well I submit another year of crumbling schools will be even more expensive. Also it’s the hope of many that this can free up some money and help address the shrinking and under paid staff. Rome is burning and Curry who doesn’t support public education is fiddling.

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Potter’s house where kids go backwards,if it were a public school it would be on the fast track to being closed but since it is a private one it is allowed to expand…
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  1. You would think Lenny would be in favor of this referendum since his kids attend traditional public schools but I guess they don't pay his bills. Clearly blood is not thicker than donors. Nevertheless I would've loved to have seen this announcement at a public school. Any public school. Would've gone over like a fart in church.

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