Lenny Curry is a liar and/or ignorant and either are bad for the city.

In a way I can see how he was elected with just 14 percent of the city voting for him. He seems to bop through life with a confidence brought on by ignorance and a willingness to bully. Hmm does that sound familiar to anyone?

Well despite problems in our schools brought on by a lack or resources for over a decade and some of the oldest schools in the state, Curry had some interesting things to say in Florida Politics.

“Why all of a sudden is the sky falling on buildings? They woke up one day and said there was a crisis,” Curry contended.
“Where was the crisis a year ago,” Curry asked. “Where was the crisis two years ago?”

Curry lies as effortless as I breathe and I just want to get that out there.

Word on the street is Vitti wanted to do a referendum back in 2016 but Curry asked him to hold off so he could pass his pension plan, which, will turn out to be a disaster for the people of Jacksonville.

Also is he implying there isn’t a crisis? That there isn’t any needs? That the school board just made it all up? If that’s the case why is he willing to support the referendum in 2020?  How does that make sense?

The thing is, this problem has been going on and getting worse for a decade now as Tallahassee has systematically underfunded education.

Then Curry might not know how time works but our schools here some of the oldest in the state and we were the only big district without a secondary income source for its schools last year and two years ago and three years ago…

Curry is a liar, ignorant or both.

We deserve better. It’s time to start the recall.

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