Lenny Curry frees us of the notion that we live in a city that cares its citizens and the rule of law (draft)

I would like to thank Lenny Curry and the City Council. They have done the city a great service. They have freed us the citizens of the notion that they work for the people and care about the people of Jacksonville. They have let us know that it’s only their political donors that they care about.

Lenny Curry  and the City Council took a no-brainer, a tax referendum to help our schools and they turned it into a bare knuckle brawl on behalf of a handful of super donors.

When they say they are fighting to get charters more money, they aren’t. They are fighting for two charters the KIPP school and the Tiger Academy, charter schools with close ties to the civic council to get more money, despite the fact these two charters already get a lot more money than every other school in the city. 

The Tiger Academy got a million extra and the KIPP 2.6 million plus last year alone. This is above their per pupil allotment. This is extra tax payer money. Yet their owners still want more and maybe it is because the KIPP school owes two members on the Civic Council, Tom Baker, and Gary Chartrand over ten million dollars.

Not only are the mayor and city council fighting against the city’s children and schools, but they are also fighting against revitalizing neighborhoods, creating jobs, attracting businesses and slowing or reversing the flight to the suburbs, or you know things Mayors and City Councils usually want to do.

Not our mayor, not our city council anyways, no they are only interested in serving their donors, a handful of mostly white and mostly super rich men on the civic council. The group that really runs, sorry, rules our city.

So thank you Lenny Curry and Council President Wilson, thank you majority of the city council, you have let us know where we stand, and we will remember.

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