Lenny Curry doesn’t care how bad the corruption in his administration looks

Sam Mousa must know where the bodies are buried. Not since Scott Shine has the establishment tried to protect someone so much. On the heels of Mousa being rewarded for trying to extort the school district out of neatly a half million dollars with a no bid sic figure contract City Hall changed its rules to benefit Mousa.

From the Times Union,

Sam Mousa, Jacksonville City Hall’s recently retired top administrator, received clearance earlier this summer to work for the Jacksonville Jaguars on their proposed Lot J development, a relationship that could otherwise have been prohibited by the city’s ethics code because of his direct involvement in the project as a city employee.
Brian Hughes, who replaced Mousa as Mayor Lenny Curry’s chief administrative officer after he retired on June 28, wrote a letter on July 1 stating that it would be in the “best interests of the public” for Mousa to consult the Jaguars on the project, citing his “unique and valuable perspective and experience” related to the city’s sports complex area. He wrote that Mousa’s service would not include any lobbying.
The city’s ethics code contains a revolving-door provision that restricts former employees from working on behalf of outside groups on matters they were involved in while working for the city. However, it also allows former employees with “professional, scientific and technological backgrounds” from engaging in work that could otherwise be prohibited if the city declares doing so would be in the public’s best interest.

The public’s interests or Curry’s interests? 

If you can ignore what Mousa did with the school board how can you ignore what he did with Kids Hope Alliance where he tried to pressure its director to give up 10 thousand dollar grants to voters Curry was wooing. Well apparently city hall can.

I wish Curry and City Hall cared a tenth as much about the city’s children as they do about Mousa.

Friends, we aren’t being led, we are being ruled.

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