Lenny Curry comes out as pro extortion

When it was revealed that two of Lenny Curry’s top lieutenants, attempted to extort nearly a half million from the school district, the mayor barely shrugged his shoulders.  

From Florida Politics. 

Curry political adviser Tim Baker and recently retired Chief Administrative Officer Sam Mousa would draw $12,500 a month for up to three years, basically in exchange for helping to get the referendum through Council and passed.
Hershey met with Baker and Mousa before Mousa left city employment, but the formal proposal came later.
On Thursday, Curry told us he had no problem with the solicitation, even as it came in the twilight of Mousa’s city employment.
“Tim Baker has been a consultant of mine for a number of years. I’m one of many,” Curry said. “I had no issue with him out conducting business.”
The same held true for Mousa.
“Sam is no longer an employee of the city and he’s going to take his talents and skills out to provide his services in a way that’s best for business,” Curry said.
So even though Mousa started the ball rolling while he was an employee of the city that doesn’t matter? How are former employees allowed to lobby their former employers anyways? 
This is what I believe. I believe Curry knew about the plan the entire time and either helped come up with it or gave it his blessing.  I can’t imagine them making such an audacious move without his involvement at some level and we need an investigation not carried out by the office of general council, which has proven to partisan and beholden to the mayor, to tell us.
Say I am wrong, say the mayor was clueless, then at best he was okay with a city employee trying to get a half million dollars from a different city agency by lobbying his current bosses. How is that legal or ethical. let that sink in.
The mayor literally shrugged his shoulders and basically said grifters gonna grift and it was okay with him. 

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