Lenny Curry claims he knew nothing about the district’s AC needs.

Hoo boy, wow, okay, deep breath.

Yesterday in an obvious political stunt, Mayor Curry claimed he didn’t know anything about the district’s air conditioner woes when he offered to help. Now you should ask yourself, is he lying, which brings up a whole host of issues, or is he that uninformed which would be even worse.

You won’t have to wait very long, about a minute in, the reporter says he said, he had no idea,


There was a better video where you can hear him actually saying it but I couldn’t find it today. If I find it later I will switch it in

I googled, Duval County Schools, air conditioning, and there were literally dozens of entries from the beginning of the summer till today.

Here are just five.






Is it possible that Curry could have somehow missed all this coverage? I would think no, but 4 months ago, I would have said there was no way a mayor and city council would fight against, jobs, schools, a city, stimulus, children, revitalizing neighborhoods, attracting businesses and slowing or stopping flight to the suburbs, too and boy was I wrong.

What Curry did was a stunt, pure and simple.

We have real problems and we deserve serious people trying to solve them.


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