LaTonya Parker gets the boot Iranetta Wright gets a promotion, what’s wrong with this picture?

5 years ago Iranetta Wright became the principal of Andrew
Jackson High School. The school earned an F that year (and in her third year
too) and all the FCAT scores dropped from the previous year. Fast forward 5
years and she is now one of the districts 4 area chiefs. What did she have that
Latonya Parker of John E. Ford doesn’t have?
Mrs. Parker became the principal of John E. Ford this school
year and after one year on the job she’s now out. During the public comment session of last
nights school board meeting, Robert Slama, a Ford parent, spoke against the
School Board removing Parker and he mentioned that 2012-13 was Parker’s first
year as Ford principal. His cries went unheeded though.

begs the question how come Parker didn’t get another year or another three
years like Wright did? My bet is friends in high places.


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