Last week was charter school appreciation week, let’s see how they did.

Two charter schools, one each in Duval and Orange County
closed with barely any notice, while another in Broward County was told
because of academic failures and refusing to divulge information from an audit
it would be forced to close in 90 days.
Parents at a school in Alachua County bitterly complained
about both nepotism and being pressured to pay fees.
The principal of a Palm Beach charter school, with a
troubled past was caught with a student in her car smoking marijuana.
Then Florida virtual school took its own foundation to court
over financial irregularities.
In Florida over 280 charter schools have opened, taken
public money and closed leaving families and communities in a lurch, hundreds
of millions of dollars wasted and children have had their educations and
possibly futures harmed.
Some might be saying, but many charter schools are doing
well, which quite frankly isn’t true. The Stanford Credo says Florida charter
schools lag behind when compared to their public school counterparts and most
of the only ones that are doing well have left the poor and mostly minority neighborhoods
and fled to the suburbs where they have cherry picked children and siphoned away
resources from schools there that were doing well.
In Florida, choice is just another word for privatization,
and it would be one thing if charters were performing better than public
schools but in truth the only thing that has improved is the bank account
numbers of the operators.
Instead of outsourcing our kids’ education to for profit
outfits who do a poor job, we should invest in our public schools because
despite their problems, many of which were created by charter loving
Tallahassee, they are by far the best thing we have going.

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  1. The super in Escambia just reccomended to closure of three charters in that county. All kinds of wrong doing.

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